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What is a Sonic Diffuser and how does it work?

If you observe a speaker in use you will see the cone moving backwards and forwards with the most movement being in the centre and the least at the edge of the speaker. The centre (most movement) is where the harshest of the sound emanates from and is why the sound from a speaker cab is not normally fully formed for at least 10-20 feet in front of the cab. Indeed, if anyone has stood directly in front of a screaming guitar or bass cab, they will have experienced the kick in the chest. Moving away off centre of the cab is a more comfortable experience.

This explains why a sound engineer miking up a cab will spend some time positioning a microphone on a stand in front of the cab, and will move it across the face of the speaker until he is happy he has found his “sweet spot”.

The Integral Close Miking System
The Traditional Method of Close Miking

A Sonic Diffuser is a circular, dome shaped obstruction placed centrally in front of a speaker to bounce around (diffuse) those harsh frequencies before they leave the speaker cone with the effect that the overall sound heard Front of House or in the Studio is a blend of all the frequencies coming off the speaker and not just the harsh bits from the centre.

The design of Integral combines this concept with a mounting for a microphone capsule and removes the need to find a sweet spot at each sound check because, whatever the situation or venue, the circumstances are identical each time. The microphone can only receive the total diffused sound coming off the speaker and cannot be affected by the room, other instruments or other sound sources in the vicinity, including sound bouncing off hard surfaces nearby. Integral gives complete separation.

Professionals on Integral

Steve Fister 

Steve Fister Band

“On the road and in the studio, the Integral close miking system lets me concentrate on what’s important, playing and recording music! No more worries about mic placement. The Integral allows me to hit the sweet spot consistently, every time!

Przemek Drużkowski 

Lead guitarist for Aonia

“I have been a professional guitar player for a long time but only now, since using the Integral close cab miking system, am I totally independent regarding my sound. I feel so comfortable using this system both live and in the studio.”

Nils Finkeisen

Die Krupps

“The Integral Close Miking System is a big step forward for my live sound on stage and in the studio. It’s super easy to install and it provides me a dense signal that cuts through the mix. It’s Flawless.”