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Press reviews

“Integral Offers an Alternative to Traditional Close Miking Techniques”

“Here’s another idea so clever yet so simple you wish you’d thought of it yourself. Close mic placement at gigs and in the studio is always a bit of a faff…”

“Save setup time and space on busy stages with this crafty guitar-amp miking solution!”

“The advantages are so obvious one must ask why nobody has done this before!”

“Problems solved with Samsystems Integral concept!”

“There’s a consistency of sound every time!”

“The cleanest sounding guitar tone through a PA speaker I have ever heard…”

The SAM systems IM 12 cab microphone is a highly compact super-cardioid microphone solution for your guitar cab. The lightweight yet robust design is built-to-last, allowing the microphone to be fitted directly into your cab, eliminating the need to remove the mic every time you pack away. Sounds ideal, where can I sign up? Nick Jennison tells us more.